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China's manufacturing technology gap with the developed countries there are three major
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  The Chinese Academy of Engineering Vice President Wu, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University professor Liu Bai-cheng and some experts have proposed that compared with developed countries, there are three of China's manufacturing technology gap.

  First, manufacturing technology innovation capability is not strong. Aerospace, rail transportation equipment, oil refining technology to independent innovation, but there is still a wide gap between the level of foreign countries; communications, household appliances, power generation equipment, ships, military aircraft, trucks and steel manufacturing, after going through the introduction of domestic enterprises self-development, innovation ability is obviously improved; cars, large-scale ethylene complete sets of equipment, computer systems software in the process of digestion and absorption of imported technology, have not yet mastered the system design and core technology; large aircraft, semiconductors and integrated circuits, special equipment, optical fiber manufacturing equipment, large-scale scientific instruments and rely mainly on large-scale medical equipment to buy foreign products.

  Second, is to create the weak technological base. Design techniques, reliability, technology, manufacturing processes, basic materials, basic mechanical parts and electronic components, basic manufacturing equipment, instrumentation and standard system such as the development of lagging behind, constraining the development of the manufacturing sector.

  Third is to create a technological innovation system not yet formed. The vast majority of enterprise technology development capability is weak, has not yet become a mainstay of technological innovation; the absence of a crack and a relatively stable power to engage in industrial generic technology research and development; science and technology intermediary service system is still sound and is not fully effective. Experts said that at present, to greatly enhance technological innovation in China's manufacturing capability is imminent.

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