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Seventh China International Fair for Water Drainage
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China's water industry, the brand value Brand show
Seventh China International Fair for Water Drainage
Held in conjunction with: 2006 China Water Industry Summit Forum
April 28, 2006 -30 days
Shanghai International Exhibition Center

Unit in charge: State Environmental Protection Administration
Organizers: China Environmental Science Society
Shanghai Institute of Water Purification Technology
Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association
Organizer: Shanghai ZM Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
China Environmental Science Institute of Technology and Industry
Development Working Committee
Co-organizer: China Environmental Science Institute of Environmental Engineering Branch
China Environmental Science Institute of Environmental Technology Branch
China Environmental Science Institute of Atmospheric Environment Branch
China Environmental Science Society of Water Environment Branch
Shanghai Environmental Protection Enterprise Incubators
Shanghai Environmental Sciences
Zhejiang Institute of Environmental Sciences
Jiangsu Province Institute of Environmental Sciences
Other provinces (municipalities) Environmental Sciences
Supported by: China Association for Science
National Science and Technology Venture Development Business Center
Shanghai Environmental Environmental Protection Agency
The other provinces (municipalities) Environmental Protection Agency
National Urban Water Supply Water Quality Monitoring Network
Shanghai Stations
Overseas Co: Hong Kong Exhibition for Galway Co., Ltd.

】 Professional trusted brand to create value
The annual "WSDWTF Shanghai International Water Exhibition" Since its inception in 1999, in April or May each year a fixed host in Shanghai, China. Continues to expand the size of the extraction on the basis of the theme, after six years of development, WSDWTF has become the industry's well-known brand of professional exhibition. For six years, from more than 30 countries and regions of exhibitors have already accumulated more than 2800 trade visitors as high as 19 million people, is China's most influential businessmen wide attention to the water industry gathering reputation in the industry.

】 Strong alliance glory
"WSDWTF 2006" by the State Environmental Protection Administration, Ministry of Construction, China Science and Technology Institute and other units of the strong support and environmental disciplines with the highest academic body in China, the largest environmental groups in the composition of China Environmental Science Society of strategic partnerships. China Environmental Science Society of the existing members of 30000 people, focused on a large number of accomplished academic, technical expertise, management experience, socially influential experts and scholars scattered in various scientific research institutes, tertiary institutions and Other units in various sectors of the important posts. China Environmental Science Society will no doubt join the "WSDWTF 2006" to create more business opportunities.
Trade Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. of Shanghai, as the founder of WSDWTF unit, recently absorbed through the reorganization of assets and a large number of high-end talent and international management concepts, in order to further distillation of the brand WSDWTF and sustainable development has injected new vitality.
"WSDWTF 2006" based in Shanghai, serving the entire country, the world, is bound to high-tech exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad provide a broader space and new opportunities.

】 2005 Show Review
"WSDWTF 2005" on April 20, 2005 -22 at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center successfully concluded for a period of 3-day exhibition attracted 28,361 professional visitors, including 1983 overseas visitors. This exhibition brought together from 19 countries and regions, 478 specialist exhibitors. Including many areas of water industry's top companies, such as Pentair, WATTS, DDI, YKML, SPIRAX, COMFORTSTAR, FILOPUR, ITT, VAG, Fibox, Velia, Andritz, HACH, EBARA, Hitachi, even into the group, the New World, the World Korea and the United States, Poland, Israel, Argentina and other countries and other embassies. At the same time a lot of domestic government agencies has also been given strong support for this exhibition.
This exhibition from the government departments and industry experts to organize more than 20 exchanges and lectures, the audience enthusiastically, some screening is full. At the meeting discussed at a meeting after the question makes wonderful time to be delayed again and again, and many participants have expressed that they have benefited through the exchange.

】 Exhibits
l Sewage Treatment Equipment / Water Treatment Plant / water, water treatment equipment / valve and its accessories / equipment and various types of piping materials, pipe detection and processing technology, materials / water treatment chemicals / softening desalination equipment / film with the membrane modules / water treatment material / Dosing disinfection equipment / containers, pressure vessels / Instrumentation / Control System / swimming pool equipment and water features engineering / filtration and separation equipment / water equipment / water resources protection and utilization / water equipment / Agriculture Water-saving and irrigation / a variety of industrial cleaning / aeration equipment / all kinds of water equipment / water supply and drainage water treatment applications, a variety of software / a variety of books.
l water-saving techniques: pinch technology / optimize the heat exchange system / air-cooling on behalf of the water / wastewater treatment and reuse technology, industrial water reuse technology, recycled water reuse technology, other industries and protection of civilian technology systems and water-related New Technology and New Product / civil water, residents save water, industrial water-saving new products and technologies;

】 Target group visits
1, provincial and municipal water companies, provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, prefectures and counties in charge of environmental protection, leadership, Urban Construction Bureau, Planning Bureau, the Municipal Construction and Management Commission, EPA, local, municipal Economic Commission, Planning Commission, the leadership in charge of environmental protection, water plants, sewage treatment plants, environmental monitoring, scientific research institutes, universities, engineering companies, design units (design institutes), scientists, water industry experts, etc.
2, for industrial users: petrochemical, oil refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile printing and dyeing, pulp, paper, food, beverage, beer, light industry, metallurgy, electronics, electroplating, cement, power plants (stations), etc.
3, overseas buyers: manufacturers, investment companies distributors, agents, traders, import and export companies, international trading companies
4, other relevant units: newspapers, magazines, television, websites, government departments, associations, societies, foreign embassies and commercial institutions, etc.

】 A platform, six major themes Forum
During the exhibition we will hold a forum for the following six themes: ① water pollution control and water environment security forum; ② small towns water pollution control and technology applications in the Forum; ③ the National Environmental Technology and Industrial Development Strategy Forum; ④ develop a recycling economy, build resources conservation-minded society and cleaner production technologies forum; ⑤ Energy and Environmental Forum; ⑥ were held over the same period the application of the latest scientific and technological achievements and research, including water, air pollution control, monitoring and other areas of technology seminars, forums.
Forums and conferences will take keynote speakers, technical exchanges, group discussion and results in different ways.

】 Please communicate with us in time exhibitors to contact to get the latest show information
Address: No. 2368 Zhongshan West Road, Shanghai, Building 10A Huading Zip: 200235
Tel :021-54592323 54592318
Fax :021-54253480
E-mail: zmes@zhongmao.com.cn
Exhibition Website: www.wsdwtf.com
Contact: Ouyang 13,918,043,016

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