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The Sixth China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition
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The Sixth China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition
Time: 2006 April 28 to 30
Venue: Shanghai International Exhibition Center

】 Grasp opportunities for development, the Chinese market
Asian Development Bank report shows that China is rapidly becoming an important market for the world economy the demand source of growth. China is rapidly becoming the production and consumption centers. Statistics show that China's imports grew by 43%, becoming the world's third largest importer. China's accession to WTO, Beijing and Shanghai's successful bid to host the 2010 World Expo will greatly enhance China's market in the global economy's attraction for investors! To grasp opportunities for development, the Chinese market, FLUID 2006 will work with you to create brilliant!

】 Exhibition Review
FLUID has been held since 2000, with its impressive record of exhibitors and visitors to become China's most successful in the field of fluid industry, an industry trade show. The last exhibition exhibition area 9,000 square meters, three-day event attracted 15,527 professional visitors were gathered from 13 countries / regions 316 exhibiting companies. Including many of the top companies of fluid fields, such as EBARA, WATTS, Franklin, SPIRAX, ITT, BEKO, STAUBLI, GANEY, Boerger, Andritz, VAG, Hitachi, even into the Group and the United States, Poland, Israel, Argentina and other countries Embassy and so on. At the same time a lot of domestic government agencies has also been given strong support for this exhibition.

】 Exhibition List
Preparation time: April 26, 2006 -27 days
Exhibition Time: April 28, 2006 -30 days
Sponsored by: Chinese Fluid Engineering Society
Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society of Fluid Engineering Branch
World Expo Group Shanghai FESCO International Exhibition Advertising Co., Ltd.
Organizer: Shanghai ZM Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Co-organizer: China Association of friction sealing materials
Supported by: China Environmental Science Society
Taiwan Fluid Power Association
Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association
Shanghai Institute of Water Purification Technology

】 Exhibits Categories
Pumps, valves, air compressors, control systems and instrumentation, filtration products, separation equipment, transmission control, engine / motor / engine parts, gear / transmission, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, seals, lubricants and other

】 Super Advantage is impressive
1. This is the only one in Shanghai in 2006 a comprehensive coverage of large areas of fluid Fluid Machinery Exhibition;
2. You can reach a large number of various types of fluids from the high level of industry buyers;
3. You can enjoy full access to other exhibitors and the opportunity to exhibitors with the same period in the international market for business alliances or partnerships;
4. Large-scale international pavilions will be the first appearance in this exhibition: the organizational units active with other countries embassies and major international associations, mass organizations, overseas exhibitors to visit;
5. FLUID 2006 will be held for exhibitors offer a complete business platform, we will be through a series of marketing activities to enable exhibitors to regular contacts and communication with the target customers;
6. FLUID 2006 exhibitors based on the actual results-oriented trade show exhibitors. We will provide pre-show to discuss booking service, thus ensuring exhibitors during the exhibition period be able to negotiate successfully met its target customers;
7, over the same period's "fluid area Forum," will bring new highlights show to "discuss" as the carrier of theoretical innovation, with the same period of the exhibition organized by the formation of benign interaction;
8. A number of media should join hands to show campaign, this exhibition to implement the proactive promotion measures, plans formed by a number of media advocacy coalitions, on the show all-round and multi-channel promotion and publicity efforts;
9. Organizer has a huge database and the fluid industry, their own professional websites and online exhibition hall for exhibitors to provide comprehensive, professional services and free online publicity;
10, Shanghai is China's largest commercial, industrial city, rich in human resources, advanced science and technology and a sound legal environment to make Shanghai with incomparable business environment; the same time, to Shanghai in April is the prime tourist season, which also makes our show to get more people of all ages.

】 Exhibition Rules
1. Fill out the application form by mail or fax to the organizational unit;
2. Exhibitor booth shall be within 7 days after the application will be exhibiting at the cost [50% (advance payment) or the whole article] wire transfer or pay to the organizational units, the balance should be March 28, 2006 paid, we will receive Full participation fee invoiced;
3.2006 years after March 28 exhibitors signed up to be a lump-sum participation fees in full;
4. Booth principle of distribution in order: "first-come, first pay, first arrangement", double-sided entrance booths, plus 20% of the cost;
5. Exhibitors in the export of the fee, please bank transfer by fax to the organizational unit;
6. Exhibitors had paid within the prescribed time limit, after 50% advance payment, the booth can be retained;
7. Organizational units receiving the application and booth fee will be February 28, 2006 after the send the "Exhibitor Manual" to the exhibitors;

】 Please communicate with us in time exhibitors to contact to get the latest show information
FLUID 2006 Sixth China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition in China Contact:
Address: No. 2368 Zhongshan West Road, Shanghai, China Ting Building, 10A
Zip Code: 200235
Tel :021-54592323 54592318
Fax :021-54253480
E-mail: zmes@zhongmao.com.cn
Exhibition Website: www.fluid-sh.com
Contact: Ouyang 13,918,043,016

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